SQL DB scability

Try to clarify the SQL scalability, Like Oracle, it also support cluster DB , and could add new DB instance in Cluster.

Assume when No SQL scale to more instance, need to add hardware , and make configuration change.

Hope to clarify what is the reason or difference for SQL and NO SQL scability process to make NO SQL have better scability process?

NoSQL 往往 out-of-box 提供分布式解决方案,把分布式的性能,易用的配置作为核心卖点,而像 MySQL 需要引入额外的 Proxy 来实现分布式。当然这是从传统上而言,也不都是绝对的。
现在传统的 SQL 数据库也会分布式解决方案,NoSQL 和 SQL 设计理念也会取长补短。