Netflix System Design question

For Netflix System Design , a few questions like below:

1, Should we add video compress service in the download/upload from AWS to CDN and Client?

2, CDN is used in video download, How about Video upload? I assume China and USA video upload to different AWS Zone , how does it works, by checking with DNS? Could it also upload to local CDN, and from local CDN to AWS , (reverse direction)?

3, for DB selection, from video, it selects NOSQL document store. Since it is for metadata only, could it use SQL too? Or it could be related with another general DB question, when both SQL and NO SQL are feasible for one use case, should we always use NOSQL since NO SQL has better performance?


  1. Video Transcoding 这个步骤应该已经涵盖你这个压缩的过程了,如果是分辨率较低的版本,就相当于是压缩了。压缩完了以后再传到 CDN,用户从 CDN 拿文件。
  2. 上传跟 CDN 没有关系。直接上传到服务器。每个区域可以分别有上传服务器,处理上传以及后续的转码步骤。
  3. 也可以用 SQL。就是 Model 这个剧集和电影不同的结构会有点麻烦。性能倒不是主要的考虑。Netflix 这个情况是读多写少的情况,SQL 也是可以的。